My Pension Benefit Information, LLC works with companies, unions, and other pension plan agencies to update contact information of plan participants or beneficiaries who may be entitled to a benefit. This page is intended to provide answers to some of the most common questions we are asked.

The purpose of this communication is to confirm either your current mailing address, email address or cell phone number. The information you supply is strictly confidential and will only be provided to the company, union, or plan agency that engaged our service. This information will not be provided to any other individual or agency.

Please read through the questions listed below to see if yours has been answered. If you need to contact us, please  enter your unique code number and last 4 of your SSN. Once authenticated, you will be provided with information on what company or agency is trying to contact you and how you can contact them directly.

What is

We are an address, email and cell phone location firm. We find people who may be due benefits, typically in the pension and retirement industry. If you received a communication, a former employer of yours or a union you were affiliated with has hired us to locate you and confirm your address, email or cell phone number. Companies are required to communicate with plan participants regarding information about their benefits. Plan sponsors need current address information on file in order to send required disclosure information.

Why are you trying to locate me?

There are many reasons for locating plan participants.. Sometimes employers or recordkeepers simply want to update the addresses within their records. Other times, a plan may be terminating and they need to mail you the distribution paperwork. If you are owed any type of benefit now or in the future, your former employer is required to send you information regarding benefits.

How do I respond?

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Goto
  2. Type your Identification Code
  3. Type in the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.

How much money is in my account?

Our responsibility is to put your former employer or union in contact with you to communicate the details regarding your pension benefits. does not have access to your financial information as that is confidential between you and your Benefits Administrator.

When will I hear from my Benefits Administrator?

You will be able to contact your Benefits Administration Office directly upon successful completion of your identity authentication.

What if my former employer is not familiar with your company? often works directly with the benefits administration department which is usually located at the company’s corporate headquarters. We also provide services for third-party benefit administrators, which are companies hired to manage all benefits responsibilities.

Will I need to provide you with any Personal Information?

No. You will not be required to enter any personal information.

Participant Quotes:

“Dear I appreciate that you are BBB members. It’s important to know who is trustworthy in these days of heightened info security. Good job!”
– Labor Union employee

“My husband passed away years ago. We had no idea there was another pension fund that was looking for him. Now I am receiving a Survivors benefit. Thanks!
-Surviving Spouse, Corporate Pension Fund

“Your process was very fast and easy to use. Within 60 seconds I was reading the letter from my Pension Administrator about a benefit that I completely forgot about. I am thrilled you found me.”
– Former employee of a Union Pension Fund